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日期 : 自 10.07.1410.09.14 | 位置 : Paris Nord Villepinte, France | 市场 : Life

CPhI InnoPack - October 7-9, 2014 - France

ARaymondlife* exposes its closure device for standard vials, RayDyLyo, an all-plastic capping solution. Discover RayDyLyo on ARaymondlife booth 2L62 and in the Innovation Gallery . * ARaymondlife means ARaymondlife SASU – RCS Grenoble 501 397 012 – Rue de la Louisiane – 38120 Saint Egrève… [+]

日期 : 04.16.14 | 位置 : New Munich trade fair centre - Munich | 市场 : Energies

InterSolar - June 4-6,2014- Germany

ARaymond Energies* would be pleased to demonstrate it fastening clips for photovoltaic modules and for electrical management. Unlike screws, clips provide easy and fast connections and all parts of ARaymond energies are designed to give you peace of mind! The expertise of clipping uses spring properties of special steel and bring robustness in ter… [+]

日期 : 自 03.11.1403.12.14 | 位置 : Johannesburg | 市场 : Energies

The Solar Show- March 11-12, 2014- South Africa

ARaymond™ photovoltaic fastening solutions are going to be shown at the Solar Show in Johannesburg, South Africa, from 11th to 12th of March, where ARaymond* is co-exhibiting at the Rubicon SA booth, G5. Two main products to discover :  PV grounding clip Rayvolt and PV module fastener for steel structure PowAR Snap *ARaymond means … [+]

日期 : 自 03.18.1403.21.14 | 位置 : Hall E7 | 市场 : Industrial


ARaymond*将会出席在上海举行的中国家电博览会,在此次博览会上,ARaymond将会与众多从家用电器到电气材料的国际及国内工业公司碰面,届时,ARaymond将会对其需求获得进一步的了解并能够有机会向他们解释我们的紧固方案的优越性。 欲了解更多我们的产品 请与我… [+]

日期 : 自 02.12.1402.13.14 | 位置 : Paris Expo-Portes de Versailles-Hall 5 | 市场 : Life

Pharmapack 2014年2月12日至13日——凡尔赛门会展中心

ARaymondlife将参加即将到来的Pharmapack展览会,今年的展会将在凡尔赛门会展中心举行。第三次参加该项展会活动的 ARaymondlife将继续其对RayDyLyo®的推行,并跟随发展趋势,推出即用型产品。当前的工业趋势是提供即用型套件,而RayDyLyo® 则是一种完美的解决方案。… [+]

日期 : 自 02.11.1402.13.14 | 位置 : Gorinchem | 市场 : Agriculture

Tuinbouw Relatiedagen-11,12 and 13 February

ARaymond* will introduce  in collaboration with its distributor Brinkman at Tuinbouw Relatiedagen on booth 280 a large range of products such as Ergo clip, Easy clip, Classic clip, Rayhook, Classic hook, Vineyard clip, Bio clip. Tuinbouw  Relatiedagen is one of the largest fair in the agriculture field in the Netherlands and an opportuni… [+]