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Date : 08.24.17 | Theme : Industrial

Cage nuts: the smarter alternative to tapped holes!

A process as simple as assembling panels can rapidly become a source of  additional costs if not handled smartly. While our speed grip cage nuts have been making the method smarter for several decades, their origin can now be easily identified with the new “RG” & “T” lettering which is now stamped on the cage. A sea… [+]

Date : 06.30.17 | Theme : Agriculture


随着国际生产市场的西红柿需求与日俱增,生产者们一直致力于寻找可以 同时节省时间和劳动力成本,同时提高产量的产品。 为了响应这些需求,阿雷蒙(ARaymond)*最近在其温室大棚挂钩产品中推出了一系列全新的选项。 阿雷蒙挂钩系列引入全新8字形及弹性… [+]

Date : 06.27.17 | Theme : Industrial


虽然生产商对给定设备的接地保护要求并没有发言权,他们在选择如何实现接地保护上却拥有更大的自由。因此为什么不做好大部分接地工作呢?阿雷蒙(ARaymond)* 提出了一种新的解决方案,通过重新思考接地方式给客户带来真正的成本节省和切实的利益。 焊接… [+]

Date : 06.07.17 | Theme : Automotive


主机厂都了解这一事实:越是关注小零件,就越能实现成本优化。随着这一事实日益明显,工程师越来越关注类似燃料连接器的零件。他们发现了什么?不同设计的连接器会带来显著的差异,尤其是涉及到装配质量。 几年前,为了沿此思路提高燃料连接性,阿雷蒙… [+]

Date : 05.29.17 | Theme : Agriculture

ARaymond set to expand the Easy Clip family in 2017

2017 is an exciting year for ARaymond*. In addition to launching the Easy Clip 14mm for cucumber plants, the company will also be debuting a new fastening solution for tomatoes, the Easy Clip 26mm. Bigger than the Easy Clips which are currently available, the Easy Clip 26mm has been specifically designed by the ARaymond R&D team for growers of … [+]

Date : 05.29.17 | Theme : Industrial

Why part reduction entices engineers

Increased strength, higher temperature performance, more versatility or even tool-free: the range of new design features we have developed is large. Among the most commonly requested features is compactness. Of course it can be achieved by reducing the dimensions of a given model, but a valuable solution sometimes also lies in part reduction, by co… [+]