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Date : 05.29.17 | Theme : Agriculture

ARaymond set to expand the Easy Clip family in 2017

2017 is an exciting year for ARaymond*. In addition to launching the Easy Clip 14mm for cucumber plants, the company will also be debuting a new fastening solution for tomatoes, the Easy Clip 26mm. Bigger than the Easy Clips which are currently available, the Easy Clip 26mm has been specifically designed by the ARaymond R&D team for growers of … [+]

Date : 05.29.17 | Theme : Industrial

Why part reduction entices engineers

Increased strength, higher temperature performance, more versatility or even tool-free: the range of new design features we have developed is large. Among the most commonly requested features is compactness. Of course it can be achieved by reducing the dimensions of a given model, but a valuable solution sometimes also lies in part reduction, by co… [+]

Date : 03.30.17 | Theme : Agriculture


今年ARaymond*将推出其最新紧固方案—— 黄瓜植株用14mm容易夹,该产品将加入容易夹系列其它产品的大家族中。黄瓜种植商要求在黄瓜生长阶段,在温室中使用一种较小产品,应此要求ARaymond制造了这种便于使用的14mm容易夹。 高悬挂栽培的理想选择 黄… [+]

Date : 03.09.17 | Theme : Truck, Automotive

How resident engineers make a difference

This is no secret; partnership means a lot in answering a client’s needs. Among the various ways ARaymond* chooses to make this partnership is that of resident engineers. We’ve been talking with Kevin Wendelken, resident engineer at a large OEM’s Engineering Centre in the UK for more than ten years, to get to the gist of how it ma… [+]

Date : 03.02.17 | Theme : Agriculture


新鲜农产品行业在今年最重要的活动之一就是在德国柏林举行的一年一度的水果蔬菜展。水果蔬菜展是欧洲重要的新鲜农产品活动,展会汇聚了来自农产品贸易各行各业的2000多名参展商。作为国际园艺市场的全球参与者,ARaymond*出席了今年二月举行的这次展会。ARay… [+]

Date : 02.22.17 | Theme : Life

ARaymondlife presents RayDyLyo for use with nested vials

On 1st and 2nd February 2017, the Pharmapack Europe Exhibition brought the healthcare industry together at Porte de Versailles in Paris. This year, ARaymondlife* chose to present RayDyLyo with nested vials, a ready-to-use solution. Dedicated to packaging innovations and drug delivery technologies, Pharmapack is a key event in the health… [+]