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日期 : 04.12.16 | Theme : Life | ǧ类 : Press release


Leti, 一家CEA技术研究所,与ARaymondlife一起在今天发布了一项加快创新型医疗器械,特别是微流体控盒分析领域的创新型医疗器械的开发与生产的联合倡议。这一倡议建立在正在进行的项目经验的基础上,将会重点研究在病人的时间非常紧急,迫切需要知道分析结果… [+]

日期 : 04.01.16 | ǧ类 : Press article

ARaymond's New Giant in Weil | L'Alsace

The French group ARaymond, world leader in fastening solutions for the automobile industry, has built a new plant in Weil am Rhein. This 50 million-euro investment brings various sites previously situated in Lôrrach together in a single location. The machinery is currently being reinstalled in the new building. Read the rest of the article… [+]

日期 : 02.24.16 | Theme : Life | ǧ类 : Press article

Shorts : ARaymond | Doses Magazine - English Version

A network of independant companies, ARaymond celebrates its 150th anniversary this year. On this occasion, the company wants to share its story. lt started as a  workshop in 1865 which became, via five generations of entrepreneurs, a major player in the field of fastening & assembly solutions for the automotive industry. ARaymond is curren… [+]

日期 : 02.24.16 | Theme : Life | ǧ类 : Press article

Freeze drying : ARaymondlife | Doses Magazine - English Version

Created in 1865, the ARaymond Network develops, manufactures and sells fastening and assembly solutions, such as the push-button that has established the notonety of the company. Its expertise in fastening and assembly solutions, globally acknowledged in the automotive industry, has been strategicalty transferred to other markets such as the healt… [+]

日期 : 02.24.16 | Theme : Agriculture | ǧ类 : Press article

ARaymond’s TwinHook aims to offer solution to vine split dilemma | FreshFruitPortal - English Version

ARaymond sales engineer Erikjan Hoornstra explains how the ARaymond™ TwinHook manages to avoid the branches of the plant breaking under the weight of growing fruit. Read the rest of the article >  … [+]

日期 : 02.04.16 | ǧ类 : Press article

CEVA, ARaymond, SPhere et Pylones : 4 ETI lauréates des Trophées Ambitions d'Entrepreneurs Banque Palatine & iTELE - French Version

La Banque Palatine et iTELE ont décerné hier les 4e Trophées Ambitions d'Entrepreneurs lors d'un Dîner d'honneur au siège de la Banque Palatine à Paris. Les Trophées Ambitions d'Entrepreneurs ont pour vocation de récompenser les Entreprises de Taille Intermédiaire (ETI)… [+]