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ARaymond celebrates 150 years of innovation - English Version

A pioneering spirit The ARaymond Network was founded in Grenoble, France, in 1865 by Albert-Pierre Raymond. While looking for a more practical fastener to replace the traditional glove button, he invented the press stud. It was a simple yet brilliant idea – a "spring" which holds an assembly together and which, under a certain… [+]

日期 : 12.08.15 | ǧ类 : Press article

France is struggling to export - Business Traveler

France has been losing market shares in export for many years, both within the EU and globally. Fortunately though some French companies are export champions as highlighted MOCI which rewarded last week the best French SMEs especially ARaymond, GL Events, EFI Automotive, SigFox ... Read more… [+]

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ARaymondlife*在Allizé-Awards上赢得2015年 'Coup de Cœur'奖杯

Allizé’Day是由法国东部地区区域专业工会构成的法国塑料工业区际联合会Allizé Plasturgie。在2015年10月8日召开的Allizé’Day上,ARaymondlife获得了'Coup de Cœur'奖。  “得到联合会的认可在塑料行业具有非常重大的意义。对于这一… [+]

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作为汽车紧固方案市场的龙头企业,ARaymond以其高附加值产品来满足客户的特殊需求;法国团队最近在雷诺汽车上开发出了一种新型创新燃油系统用“快装接头”产品。 阅读新闻稿… [+]

日期 : 09.11.15 | Theme : Automotive | ǧ类 : Press article

From stoves to nuts, ARaymond Tinnerman remains a lock in Brunswick |

Fast forward to the 21st century, the Brunswick-based company remains family owned — it’s just under a different family and has a different name, ARaymond Tinnerman Industrial. The company was purchased in 2009 by France-based ARaymond, a global industrial firm with 5,500 employees that is now celebrating its founding 150 years ago by A… [+]

日期 : 09.11.15 | Theme : Automotive | ǧ类 : Press article

ARaymond opens its first factory in Russia | Le courrier de Russie - French version

On 7 July French company ARaymond, specialising in clip fastenings for the automotive industry, opened its new production facility in Dzerzhinsk, an industrial city in the Nizhny Novgorod region, 400 km east of Moscow. Read the article… [+]