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日期 : 08.26.15 | Theme : Agriculture | ǧ类 : Press article

TwinHook prevents splitting in topped tomato plants | Brinkman

Topped tomato plants carry the risk of stem splitting. Due to the weight of the growing side shoots the stem may split at the node. This leads to unnecessary growth reduction and commercially it can amount to hundreds of plants per hectare being damaged by stem splitting. A solution is the TwinHook. This is a ‘twinclip’ made of polypro… [+]

日期 : 08.26.15 | Theme : Life | ǧ类 : Press article

ARaymond: a new factory for its Life division | La Tribune - French version

Created in 2007, the Life division of the ARaymond Group, specialising in fastening and injection systems for the pharmaceutical industry, boasts a new 3,700 m2 factory which will expand its annual production capacity to 25 million units. Read the article… [+]

日期 : 08.25.15 | Theme : Life | ǧ类 : Press article


日期 : 08.07.15 | Theme : Life | ǧ类 : Press article

ARaymond grows its healthcare business |l'Essor - French version

The diversification policy of the ARaymond Network, world leader in fastening and assembly solutions for the automotive industry, is taking root via the expansion of its position in the healthcare market. With a new factory in Saint-Egrève, the company is paving the way for success. Read the article  … [+]

日期 : 08.04.15 | ǧ类 : Press article

ARaymond honoured at the 9th Entrepreneurial Spirit Awards: "Entrepreneurship means breaking new ground" | La tribune - English version

Organised by Acteurs de l'économie-La Tribune magazine in partnership with Jean-Moulin Lyon 3 University, the 9th Entrepreneurial Spirit Awards were held on Monday 18 May at the Musée des Confluences in Lyon, in a ceremony lit up by the economic and strategic but also emotional and even spiritual qualities of the winners. Read th… [+]

日期 : 07.28.15 | Theme : Automotive | ǧ类 : Press release


这家法国紧固件生产企业正不断寻求全球业务扩展,新厂将加强其在亚洲的影响力 ARaymond*是世界领先的汽车行业紧固解决方案供应商之一,其韩国新厂的投产进一步加强了该公司在亚洲的影响力。 ARaymond自2006年起即在韩国建有销售机构,位于华城的新厂于六… [+]