ARaymond Network in the media

日期 : 04.15.15 | Theme : Life | ǧ类 : Press article

A new factory to support the growth of ARaymondlife | DeviceMed - French version

ARaymondlife, the ARaymond Network company specialising in plastic injection moulded medical devices, has built a new factory in Saint-Egrève to support the development of its healthcare business. Via DeviceMed  … [+]

日期 : 04.14.15 | Theme : Automotive | ǧ类 : Press article

New plant largest ever investment for ARaymond | Fastener & Fixing

A new state of the art ARaymond production plant in Germany, the largest single investment ever made by the company, is on schedule to be fully operational by early 2016. Via Fastener & Fixing  … [+]

日期 : 04.09.15 | Theme : Life | ǧ类 : Press article

A new era for ARaymondlife | Présence Grenoble - French version

To continue in its development and support the growth of its customers, the ARaymond Network company dedicated to healthcare has a new factory with a total surface area of 3,700 m2 in Saint-Égrève.   Via Présence Grenoble… [+]

日期 : 04.07.15 | Theme : 150 YEARS | ǧ类 : Press article

ARaymond: 150 years of success for the Grenoble-based family company | RCF Radio - English Version

ARaymond, one of Grenoble's manufacturing mainstays, this year celebrates its 150th anniversary. A look back on a family success story. Via RCF Radio… [+]

日期 : 04.07.15 | ǧ类 : Press article

Technologically innovative, financially conservative: the secrets of hidden champions like ARaymond | ParisTech Review - English version

Discover how ARaymond and others, hidden champions are market leaders that are often not well known by the general public. These small and medium size businesses focus on niche markets that they dominate at a national, regional or even global scale, with a market share often exceeding 70%. Exceptionally numerous in Germany, where they form the back… [+]

日期 : 04.02.15 | ǧ类 : Press article

Fives automates ARaymond | Stratégies Logistiques - French version

Workflow specialist Fives has completed automation of intralogistics at the new ARaymond industrial site in Saint Egrève (38). Via Stratégies Logistique… [+]